The new Maim Street texture called Metal City is made by me.

A bunch of Carmageddon Desktop Wallpapers made by me.

The first Carmageddon Winamp skin. If U like it DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
Full savegame, gives you access to all cars, races, and powerups

The best carmageddon editor, lets U edit the PIX, TXT, FLI, and WAV files. Thanx to Crash 'n' Burn for letting me link to their space. Click on image to download

3Dfx & Voodoo2 patch for Carmageddon! Now U can see carma in all of its glory! Click on image to download

3 minute hack: a hack that makes all powerups last 3 minutes
by Napalm-X

Cop Killer Patch - Makes the semi from the SP 20 tones. Now that can kill a cop!
Note: SP or 11 car addon required.

(c) 1998-1999 The Beast